The International Brazilian Opera Company


Embrace the difference.

The International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC) is a New York-based 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to support the creation and development of a new operatic repertoire that combines ideas from Brazilian and international artists while providing an educational structure for emerging talent.

IBOC supports communities at risk and immigrant artists. A group of professionals of Latinx, African-American, and Jewish origins funded IBOC. These artists and producers united to create opportunities for the underrepresented to collaborate in a cross-cultural environment. By expanding the reach of contributions to cultures not traditionally embraced by opera, we broaden the genre and create a wider audience. We are building an alternative pipeline for creators: a path that is pregnant with innovation, excitement, and emotional impact. Diversity is embedded in our DNA.

The three pillars of our mission:
– Creation of new repertoire
– International collaboration
– The creation of an educational structure fro embrace emerging artists

We believe that opera is the art-form of the future. It can be a multimedia event that encompasses cutting-edge technology in the service of a ritual of human connection. It unites all art forms, providing an experience that has no parallel. We understand opera as a community-building effort.

The IBOC Artist’s Career Development Program aims to create work opportunities, media exposure,  cross-cultural collaboration, and professional relationships in the international market. IBOC will act as a Non-Exclusive International Agent for selected artists and present new names to the international market. Artists in the program will participate in performances designed to further their artistic development and present them to an international audience. They continue to hone their artistic, interpretive, and technical skills as they grow into successful careers in the art.

IBOC intends to extend our market to a wider public through adventurous programming and embrace an extended array of innovative technological disciplines.  We know that the arts must depend on the employment of artists and allied technicians in many disciplines. Automation has little place in our creation.  By creating a strong market for the arts, we expect to generate a ripple effect through communities by creating jobs in all phases of opera production, marketing, media, service, and catering. These areas require human interaction and creativity; they are unlikely to be automated now or in the future.

The three pillars of our mission:


Creation of new repertoire


International collaboration


Educational structure

Our bylaws determine that

Consensus should be used in the decision-making process. 

Learn about Consensus



We understand opera as a community building effort.

As we create an environment for composers to develop new works,

we are bringing together professionals and amateurs to collaborate on full productions.  

We are educating new performers

and providing opportunities for experimentation to seasoned ones.

Iboc Chorus, Ensemble and Orchestra

have the dual educational goal

of Musical practice and cultural experimentation.

IBOC services the Brazilian community

by providing a positive image of the culture

in a highly accomplished and professional environment.

IBOC services the international audience

by providing content that is fresh and relevant

in a production environment of innovative sustainable solutions to the genre.


We believe that Opera is the multimedia event of the future.

The genre unites all art forms,

providing an experience that has no parallel.

Four stage development plan for new productions:


Curate creative collaborations

add creative feedback in the writing and development process.


Concert Performances

of new works

for revision and audio recordings.

3 .

Staging production

including DVD recording

4. Touring production

and licensing

Many opera companies throughout the world have access 21st-century performance technology but are still largely tied to the 19th-century repertoire. We believe that this is a great moment for the creation of innovative repertoire that is relevant to third-millennium audiences. We aim to channel the aesthetic contributions of a broad historical and cultural background into a new way of perceiving the genre.


We are creating an international network of artists and producers, connecting professionals and companies, aiming to establish a touring platform that wil be usable to all creators while connecting new audiences.

We are experimenting with broad contemporary theater structures, seeking the rituals that once originated drama.

 Our focus is on original operas starting with small casts and intimate performances and gradually developing to larger projects

We are creating portable operas that can travel anywhere and inspire all audiences at affordable prices

We are moving towards the future of stage directing

We are committed to creating a global opera theater that interconnects different nations. By establishing a working relationship with the Brazilian branch of the company we plan to develop a collaboration between artists based in NY and Brazil and also travel in both directions with full productions

We are committed to creating more with less

We want to challenge the limits of the theatrical experience, creating immersive experiences and bringing artists closer to their audiences.

We are bringing concepts from a wide range of realms to the opera genre. This includes film sound design, pop culture, Virtual Reality technologies and new philosophies of performance.

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