IBOC International Artists Program:

NY Branch

This program supports artists with extraordinary ability, in increasing international recognition and increasing financial return through career development.

This program aims to create exposure opportunities, professional cultural exchange, and create working relationships in the international market. IBOC will act as Non-Exclusive International Agent for selected artists, and work to expose new names to the competitive international market. Artists in the program will participate in showcase concerts where they may be coached into reaching new levels of expression while firming a foothold in the international market.

This is a 3-year program, where seniors are invited to perform with new artists, this exchange is one of the pillars of IBOC’s platform, aiming at community growth, generating collaboration opportunities and artistic development.

This company is build of people, discovering new forms to collaborate.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Placement is restricted by available training slots and season programming needs.

Please fill in an application form and send us along with CV or resume:

Portfolio with samples of previous works, headshot, online video sample, website link, and press clipping.

IBOC Application Form

Please send materials to:

Along with U$40 non-refundable application fee

Paypal to:

In case of acceptance, there will be a one time U$160 admission processing fee to join the program.

New York residents are exempt from admission fee.

In case you wish to apply for a waiver or postponement of application or admission fees, please submit a financial statement explaining your case.


Residencies in Brazil


Current Artists in Residence:

• Chantal Balestri – Pianist

Chantal Balestri Italy-Switzerland

Artistic Director and Founder of the Lunigiana International Music Festival

Jose Alberto Sanchez Ortiz – Composer

Jose Alberto – Mexico


Marcelo Maccagnan – Counterbass

Marcelo Maccagnan – Brazil 

Anna Tsukervanik – Violin

Anna Tsukervanik – Uzbekistan

Sara Cangussu – Violin

Sara Cangussu – Brazil


Camila Vergasta – Soprano

Camila Vergasta – Brazil


Angelica de la Riva – Soprano

Angelica de la Riva – Brazil/Cuba


Uka Gameiro – Drums and Percussion

Uka Gameiro – Brazil


Founding Artists:



Kristin Young – Soprano

Kristin Young – USA


Luigi Porto – Composer/Sound Designer

Luigi Porto – Italy



Abby Powell – Mezzo soprano

Abby Powell – USA

Athena Azevedo – Photographer – Visual Artist


YinJia Lin – Pianist

YinJia Lin – China

Flavia Correia – Soprano

Flavia Correia – Brazil


Uka Gameiro – Drummer/Percussionist

Uka Gameiro – Brazil

Néviton Barros – Conductor

Néviton Barros – Brazil


Alexandra Filipe – Soprano

Alexandra Filipe – Portugal



Alan Aníbal – Conductor

Alan Aníbal – Brazil 



Cila MacDowell – Intermedia Artist

Cila MacDowell – Brazil



Daniel Belquer – Intermedia Artist

Daniel Belquer – Brazil

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