International Brazilian Opera Company

Residency Program

 IBOC Gallery -Brasília


SHIGS 708 Bloco M casa 21

BRASÍLIA – Distrito Federal

BRAZIL 70351-763

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Residencia Artística


To foment creative and expositive processes starting from relations with the city, capital of Brazil

 Provide a research site for specific projects.

 Offer space for exhibition or event to consecrate the works created during the artist’s stay in the residence.

Generate interaction with the audience.

The Artistic Residence in the areas of visual arts, performance, sound art, new media and other contemporary manifestations.

Hosting in an aggregate space to the showroom up to 3 artists for cultural residence and exchange program with public display of results.



Offered to the artist:
1. Stay with lodging in the own place allowing an exhibition production site specific relation.
2. Exhibition in the IBOC-Brasília area;
3. The resident shall be accompanied by a conservator;
4. Portfolio analysis by local curators;
5. basic technical assistance;
6. institutional contacts;
7. agency and disclosure with IBOC international
8. schedule organized in cultural circuits: active participation of the cultural life of the city
9. Logistical and administrative support for the moment of residence and exhibition;
10. Information and articulation to contact people of importance in the local and national culture;
11. Laboratory space with expository characteristics in dialogue with local artists, according to each project;
12. Promotion of events to be held and dissemination dynamics, inclusion of the events in IBOC official international calendars;
13. Promotion of exchange for future developments in the city of New York, IBOC headquarters;

Artist's Responsibilities:
1. Individual or collective exhibition at the end of the period of residence, using the IBOC-Brasília gallery; 
2. Show interest in collaborating with other artists, participating in meetings, debates, conferences; 
3. Mention the name of the IBOC residence in the presentation, publication of works developed in this scope; 
4. Maintain creative process updates during the period of residence; 
5. Authorize the use of images for dissemination of the IBOC institutional site; 
6. To bear the costs of hosting at the IBOC residence which include the exhibition workplace; 
7. Charge with food costs, being able to use the space kitchen; 
8. Reverse 40% of the sales value of art items or drinks and foods sold on the spot; 
9. Maintain the conditions found, return the space in similar conditions with extra maintenance costs; 
10. Not to make use of a heavy atelier in space, with the understanding that it is not an atelier but an exhibition space, to submit to the IBOC team any decisions of alteration and interference in the space;
11. Do not interfere with the building structure, do not use materials or actions that may be aggressive or damage the space offered;
12. Responsibility for the house according to the House Manual (provided);
13. Sign and respect the Residency Agreement; 

1. Electronic Applications: 
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Placement is restricted by available training slots and season programming needs.
  • Please fill in Application form and send us along with CV or resume, headshot, online video sample, website link, and press clipping.

IBOC Application Form – 2018 (1)

Please send materials to:
2. Part of the selection process may be accompanied through the website site,(not yet available)

3. In addition to the basic materials required for all IBOC proposals, for the artistic residency in Brasilia: 
We recommend sending Curriculum Vitae, current basic portfolio, as an artistic dossier containing photos, video extracts, scanned manuscripts, clipping, etc. 
A letter of reference, and a letter of motivation with work proposal containing a brief description of what the artist intends to develop during the residence.

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