Working Groups

There are two paths to develop your project through IBOC:




  • Working Groups can be initiated by IBOC members at any moment.
  • In order to be included in company’s agenda a new Working Group needs to have its main goals approved by the IBOC Board of Directors.
  • After the creation of a new Work Group has been approved, internal decisions and action points can be approved by internal consensus or “Time-based consensus.”
  • Action points that imply on expenses can only be approved by the IBOC Board in consensus with the work group.

Ideally each Working Group should have a three people leadership:

  • Leader – responsible for execution of action points, including task management, organization of labor, internal communications, organization of agenda and meetings.
  • Treasurer – responsible for management of allocated funds, fund-raises and budget organization.
  • Secretary – responsible for meeting minutes, internal communications, reports of activities to the board.

These three main positions within a Group should reflect our core values in its three pillars:

• Horizontal Administration (Consensus)

• Fiscal Responsibvility

• Transparency


– We normally expect three people to share and execute these functions and other group members to participate in project development in functions with lower responsibilities. However, a Working-Group may be formed by only one or two people, in the case of individual performance projects that do not require a larger number or participants. In such situations the existing member(s) should share tasks and be responsible for all administrative activities of the three main leadership positions. A Working-Group that fails to develop appropriate leadership, financial responsibility and transparency procedures may be put into hibernation status or have its main goals postponed until the group can show that it has reached a stage when all responsibility tasks can be accomplished in order to further pursue its main goals.

  • Projects developed by Working-Groups are subject to IBOC Board approval and may have access to Company resources for financing.
  • A Work-Group may be formed and start development of concepts without formal authorization from IBOC Board.
  • Any Work-Group may assume hibernating status in case interest fades, or agenda points cannot realistically be met. In this case, database of  and and resolutions can be made available for new individuals interested in resuming work on goals already established by previous incarnation of the group. Documentation of progress, challenges and creative solutions is a fundamental aspect of the development of the IBOC legacy. Thus, organization and filing of resolution and research database is crucial and highly recommended for further continuity of long-term concepts and projects.


Current Working Groups include categories such as Professional, Research and Educational Units:

Professional Artists Development Program

The International Chorus of New York

The IBOC Ensemble

The International Orchestra of New York

The IBOC Vocal Quartet

New Music Program for Composers

• New Technologies in Performance

• Performance Documentation and Database Management

Virtual Reality Opera – Research and Production

• Film and Multimedia Research and Production

• Grant Writing – Research and Development

• Critical Assessment of Creative Production

• Artistic Management, Accounting,  and Business Relations

• Social Media, Marketing and Press Relations

• Visual Content Development

International Theater Ensemble

• International Dance Ensemble

• Fund Raise

• Artistic Development – Management and Placement of New Talent