VR&AR Opera

 exploring Virtual Reality

and Augmented reality

under the guidance of

New Technologies in Performance

Research Group

Under the administration of the International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC), a 501c3 non-profit organization




The VR Opera provides a transmedia interactive immersion experience.

This platform will generate a line of products at different levels of interaction, an environment that fuses aspects of entertainment, social media and gaming platforms.

In the ultimate VR Opera experience, users would be presented to an App with many layers of options.

The user will be able to choose and assemble different performance spaces and audio tracks, including a video-karaoke track that may be self-recorded and inserted into the VR environment (SnapChat style).

The user will be mixing and editing different multi-lingual singer performances, as well as substituting and mixing pre-recorded professional performers for images and audio of the user herself and friends.



Choice or environments may include:


Being inside an orchestra to be filmed with a 360o camera in central position, in front of the conductor, during soundstage recordings for surround instrumental track.


Being inside virtual scenery environment, to be produced in a combination of CGI and live recordings.


Professional singers who can be recorded separately, with costumes, inside the scenery, or ideally to be inserted into the environment, by user choice, including multi-language features.



Self-produced “snap-chat style” images and audio from the user, that may be inserted into virtual spaces, over orchestral playback.

The platform will provide animated titles and synchronized traditional music notation bar to facilitate user-content interaction and production.


Vectorial Animation for the opera Plastic Flowers by Cila MacDowell

Development Stages:




 The Twitter Operas

(A Trilogy of Very Short Operas for the Twitter Age)

by João MacDowell

Life – 20 sec

Death – 40 sec

Hope – 30 sec

• This is a platform designed to test possibilities and experiment with technology boundaries and demo

the product to investors.

• Advertise and market the concept, stimulate sharing content to a new user base.

• Project is already in initial stages of development in pastorship with Rutgers University.




Plastic Flowers

an opera by João MacDowell

1h 15min

• The thematic of the opera is ideal for the initial development of the platform.

• The content dwells with reflections on frustration over life in a fabricated universe

• The poetic aspect may also justify eventual glitches in the experience, as the team strikes to push

the boundaries of VR production and user interactivity.

• It is a full-length contemporary opera project.

However, we would be operating on a relatively

low budget, since the cast constitutes of one singer only and the orchestration is of limited size.

• We already have two full versions ready for production.

A singer in New York and one in Brazil who have both performed the piece in its English and Portuguese versions and are ready to record over orchestral track.


Cecilia Spell

by Cila MacDowell



Other Operas to Follow



• contact: contact@brazilianopera.com

• The Seventh Seal – 2h 30 min – RPG Game is already under development.

The story depicts a Knight who plays chess with Death.

This environment may insert the user into the middle ages, featuring the crusades, villages ravaged by the plague, religious fanatics, witch burning, clowns, and jesters.

The possibilities of gamification of this plot are fascinating.

This project needs to be timed to a point of maturity in the production process, as it will require a high budget and Hollywood level production capabilities.

Adapted from the original film script by Ingmar Bergman, the text is available for singing in Swedish and English versions.


Abby Powell as Penelope in the opera Plastic Flowers.

• The operas mentioned here are composed by João MacDowell.

We also have a team composers working on new pieces,

once we create a steady demand, we will be able to provide a flow of new works with a consistent control of artistic and technical quality.





Timothy Leonard on cello. Plastic Flowers, NJ 2016.

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