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2013 Auditions! confirmed dates.

16-1 tamand

We are pleased to announce the first official round of auditions for iBOC.

Upcoming concerts in Manhattan: March 7 and 8, 2014.

iBOC Auditions Notice 2


(The repertoire in Portuguese is optional and limited to a few bars for evaluation purpose only. There will be future training provided for pronunciation. We are also casting for roles in English and Italian)

pdfs for download:

Soprano: Packing Escher  (Measure 82 till end only)  Also: Ela Deseja (Measures 21 to 25)

Mezzo: Ta Vendo   (Measure 25 to 56 only)

Tenor: Movimento (Measures 12 to 42 only)

Baritone: A Tempestade (Measures 30 to 47 and 75 to 99)

iBOC Application Form

Please send an email to set your audition time.

Auditions dates:

Nov. 1, 8 – Fridays from 10am to 1pm and Nov. 2, 9 – Saturdays from 3 to 6pm.

* Possible new dates for auditions due to high demand, please email us with your availability for November 15 and 16.

Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC. A pianist will be provided.

How to audition:
1. Select your repertoire, to include:

• 1 short piece of standard repertoire of your choice
• 1 excerpt of one of our pieces, according to your fach.

2. Send an e-mail to with:

• Completed Application Form
• Three preferred dates/times for your audition, in 1-hour slots
• Resume and Headshot

3. Submit USD $20.00 (twenty US dollars) of your audition fee, via Paypal, to

Principal roles will be compensated according to number of solo/ensemble pieces performed

Auditions may be videotaped, for internal reference only. Video files will be deleted once results are published.

We are trying to be a green opera company, so we appreciate you not mailing us physical materials and you don’t need to bring materials to the audition either.

We are also inviting singers who may be interested in free Portuguese and vocal training to be a part of our Volunteer Chorus.

These will be recitals, including arias, ensembles and chorus pieces from living composers.

Repertoire features Portuguese, English and Italian.

We are looking for aspiring and professional singers to be part of our rooster.