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Yemanjá Project at Washington Square Park

The Band recently premiered at Washington Square Park, New York City, in an outdoor concert during the pandemic.

The YEMANJÁ PROJECT is a workshop band to support the development of an opera centered on Afro-Brazilian traditions, harvesting cross-cultural collaboration from the diaspora.

Featuring Maestro Hugo Sanbone

Arranged and produced by João MacDowell

Incidental Music:

Depois queue o Ilê Passar by Ilê Aye

Staying Alive written by The Bee Gees

IBOC Artists:

Nelson Ebo – Tenor

Kristin Young – Soprano

Anna Tsukervanik – Violin

Marcelo Maccagnan – Contrabass

Roger Lin – Guitar

Jaguar Andrade – Guitar

Sergio Ricardo (Serginho) – Percussion

Everton Gonzaga – Percussion

Dalielson Santos – Percussion

Gilmaro (Juba) – Percussion

Zier Oliveira – Percussion

Murilo O’Reilly – Percussion

The IBOC Virtual Plastic Orchestra and Chorus.

Samples by East-West Composers Cloud

Board President: Jonathan Arak

Event Producer – Christina Morgan

Yemanja Project Artists:

Hugo Sanbone

Constance Vellozzi

Rebecca de Almeida

Nelson Ebo

Anna Tsukervanik

Marcelo Maccagnan

Benhur Oliveira

Andrew Chang

Tainnã Chagas

Flavia Darcie

Massimiliano Cims


Indira MacDowell & Monkey

Jonathan Lyons a.k.a. Buddy the Rat

Film Director: Athena Azevedo

Film editor: Pain Lopez

Cameras: Athena Azevedo, Pain Lopez, Tsung-Yen Lin

Outdoor Concert made possible by:

NY City Arts Corps Grant

Thank you!

Washington Square Park

NYC City Parks

NYC Police Department Mayor’s Office of Theater Film & Broadcasting

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