IBOC Young Composers Works – Summer 2021

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I have long believed that contemporary opera offers an opportunity to create communion engaging the collaboration of artists with different specialties and backgrounds.

IBOC started from a group that perceived the need for creative renovation in an environment blossoming with fantastic performers.

We are building a new repertoire through cross-cultural collaboration, pairing composers and performers in an environment of technical expertise, providing career guidance.

We are reaching for a younger generation in the hope of keeping seeds alive, and help them grow. In this online course we opted for a practical approach. It was about the craft and about being an artist. The result far exceeds my expectations.

I hope you love the music of these composers as much as I do.

João MacDowell
IBOC – Artistic Director


Please welcome our new composers:

Arad Noroozi (Iran)

I’m Arad, a musician from Iran. Describing myself in words is quite frustrating for me, as I’ve been doing it with sounds over the past few years. Either by performing or writing music, I have always tried to be original. And my way of doing so is not to think of “originality” when I’m trying to create something. I believe that you shouldn’t “put” a characteristic of yourself into your work, but you should rather try and “find” it after the work is finished. And that’s because my main concern in creating (art) is originality, but not at any cost.

This course has brought a new perspective for me to look at music and composing. At first, it was quite difficult for me to think of composing as a process that involves not only the composer, but the audience too. But now, I’m fascinated by the relationship between the two. This is the first time that a composition of mine is being performed and I’m more than excited to keep collaborating and stay connected with the brilliant IBOC team. Special thanks to Joao Macdowell, Tomomi Sato, Anna Tsukervanik and the rest of the IBOC.

Matheus Sampaio (Brazil)

I’m Matheus Sampaio, a flutist and composer under the strong golden sun of northeastern Brazil. I was lucky to be able to get to know the cultural diversity of my country and South America from a very young age and have contact with personalities from the most diverse cultural backgrounds, which made me realize music as an individual and collective identity, making it necessary for me to know, understand and learn as much as possible, refining myself as an individual and a musician. Everyday life is one of my biggest sources of ideas, from the singing of birds through the clouds, the contemplation of simplicity and the naturalness of sounds provides me with the material to create, that’s why the music I compose and perform is mine for me voice to externalize the stories and reflections, the minimal or grandiose expressions of existence and of myself, as a soundtrack for life.

The composition seminar provided by IBOC was an interesting opportunity due to the possibility of composing alongside different experiences, cultural matrices and perspectives, accompanied by the experience and support of Maestro João MacDowell. The knowledge acquired and the possibility to improve my piece, besides being able to have a realistic and applicable perspective of it, gave me a different vision of how I want to create my compositions. The company of my talented colleagues and teacher in our fun and interesting meetings allowed me to visualize my musical future and what I want to accomplish.

Eu sou Matheus Sampaio, um flautista e compositor em meio ao sol forte e dourado do nordeste brasileiro. Tive a sorte de poder desde muito jovem conhecer a diversidade cultural do meu país e da América do Sul e ter contato com personalidades das mais diversas vertentes culturais, o que me fez perceber a música como identidade individual e coletiva, tornando necessário para mim conhecer, entender e aprender o máximo possível, refinando-me como indivíduo e músico. O cotidiano é uma das minhas maiores fontes de ideias, desde o cantar dos pássaros ao passar das nuvens, a contemplação da simplicidade e da naturalidade dos sons me proporciona o material para criar, por isso a música que componho e executo são para mim a minha voz para externalizar as histórias e reflexões, as expressões mínimas ou grandiosas da existência e de mim mesmo, como uma trilha sonora para a vida.

O seminário de composição proporcionado pela IBOC foi uma oportunidade interessante pela possibilidade de compor ao lado de diferentes vivências, matrizes culturais e perspectivas, acompanhado pela experiência e apoio do Maestro João MacDowell. Os conhecimentos adquiridos e a possibilidade de aprimorar minha peça, além de poder ter uma perspectiva realista e aplicável dela me deram uma visão diferente de como quero criar minhas composições. A companhia dos meus talentosos colegas e professor em nossas divertidas e interessantes reuniões me permitiram visualizar o meu futuro musical e o que desejo realizar.


Christian Barda (U.S.A.)

Christian Barda (b. 2003) is in his last year at secondary school in Indianapolis, Indiana. At his high school, Barda participates in chorus and orchestra, where he is the first chair harp. In his community he founded his own new music ensemble Ars Nova Indy; he directs the group and serves as the harpist. Ars Nova Indy performs music of underrepresented composers, medieval pieces, and Barda’s own compositions. Colla Voce plans to publish his choral piece “Walts for a Robin” in 2022. Barda hopes to study music composition and ethnomusicology in post-secondary school next year, in addition to early music performance as a countertenor. While Barda has a special interest in historical performance, he also loves avant garde music. His musical repertoire is eclectic, his favorite composers being Pauline Oliveros, Henry Purcell, and Aaron Copland.

“I want to thank João for taking interest in me as a person and as a musician. This cosmopolitan experience has allowed me to learn about other musical cultures while also honing my craft as a composer. I hope to continue building my relationship with IBOC and the kind, supportive creative community it hosts.”

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