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Composer Gustavo Kraemer releases instrumental work in collaboration with the International Brazilian Opera Company.

Composer Gustavo Kraemer releases instrumental work in collaboration with the International Brazilian Opera Company.

In mid-2018, when the composer João MacDowell was presenting his opera “The Seventh Seal” at the Tatuí Conservatory, São Paulo, accompanied by Swedish soloists and the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory, the presentation captured the attention of many students and teachers for the magnitude of the orchestral work that was being premiered. One of these students was Gustavo Kraemer, who accompanied the staging of the work closely, as well as João’s lectures on the future of operatic composition presented as part of the Record Production workshops at the Faculty of Technology of Tatuí. Over these years, Gustavo has become a correspondent of João while intensifying his studies in composition, arrangement, and orchestration within the course of the Tatuí Conservatory, where he obtained his piano degree.

The International Brazilian Opera Company is proud to present Gustavo Kraemer as a new composer admitted into the IBOC Career Development Program, working on the early stages of new operatic works under the mentorship of our Artistic Director, João MacDowell.

In addition to his orchestral development, Gustavo has just released the song “Cabo Polônio | Sessão na Pedra Redonda,” available on all digital platforms as of today, 09/09. Cabo Polônio is the first single off the album “Artesã” (“handcrafter”), the artist’s debut instrumental album, scheduled to be released in November of 2021. The release of this album, divided into 5 piano trio tracks (acoustic bass, drums, and piano) and 5 guitar tracks (solo or accompanied by flugelhorn, tabla, flute), consolidates the young composer’s entry as a collaborator of the International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC).

Born in Dourados, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul/BR, Gustavo conducts his musical research proposing a dialogue between traditional genres of Brazilian popular music, European chamber music, South American folklore, and Jazz. Gustavo Kraemer is a composer, music educator, pianist, and guitarist, postgraduate in Brazilian Popular Music at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music/RJ, and pianist of the professional Big Band of the Conservatory of Tatuí. In addition, he acts as a cultural producer and teacher in the House of Culture Instituto Casa Nobre at Guarda do Embaú/SC, where he teaches piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmony, and choral singing.
In the last 10 years, he has performed in numerous stages in the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, and Minas Gerais ahead of groups such as Guantánamo Groove & Orquestra Itaimbé, the sextet A Ponte and the duo Dandis, in addition to the partnership with Pirisca Grecco in the duo Desconserto. In the Rio Grande do Sul, he has contributed to the conception and foundation of the collective and cultural space Entre-Autores (which means “between authors”).

“Artesã” is the first album by the composer Gustavo Kraemer. The project was recorded in 2020 when due to the pandemic, he taught music lessons online and reflected on the learning process of his students and his trajectory as a musician. Cabo Polônio is the first track on the 10-song album to be released, and it features the musician Diego Garbin.

Diego is a trumpet teacher at the Tatuí Conservatory and coordinator of the institution’s professional Big Band and teaches improvisation, harmony, and Brazilian rhythms. Diego is treated as one of the great names of the Brazilian trumpet, having accompanied artists such as Toninho Horta and Hermeto Pascoal, with whom he won the Latin Grammy for the album “Hermeto Pascoal e Big Band – Natureza Universal,” from 2017.
In Cabo Polônio, Diego conducts the melody in his flugelhorn with a velvety timbre, evoking an atmosphere reminiscent of Chet Baker’s cool Jazz and Toninho Horta’s harmonies.

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