First Finished Composition on our New Music Program

Composer Bill Heigen in collaboration with poet Marcos Bassini delivered this week the first completed musical piece of our program for the creation of new repertoire.

We are very proud of the result achieved. This 3 movement cycle for Chorus (SATB),  will soon start to be rehearsed by Maestro Néviton Barros with the iBoc singers. Congratulations!

Nights Cariocas image
First pages of Nights Cariocas by Bill Heigen and Marcos Bassini, dedicated to João MacDowell.

“This work has been developed as part of a collaboration project fostered by the International Brazilian Opera Company (iBoc) with the goal to create new vocal repertoire for classically trained singers by incorporating ideas from Brazilian and international artists. The thematic material is derived from contemporary life in Rio de Janeiro.”

Bill Heigen





Laudi gets great reviews for theater performances

Laudicéia Calixto (aka: Laudi) has been a chorus member and a close collaborator of composer João MacDowell since 2008, date of the first concerts featuring selections from Tamanduá – a Brazilian Opera, in New York. The theater play “The Maids’ The Maids” features an iconoclastic reinterpretation of Jean Genet’s “The Maids” through the real life experience of Laudicéia and Rita Oliveira as professional housekeepers.

Besides singing and acting, Laudi is also a talented pianist and a musician who has contributed with precious feedback to the work of João MacDowell. One of the highlights of the play is a moment when she sings at full voice, an emotional a capella interpretation of the Brazilian soap-opera theme “Empreguetes.”

Check what the New York Times and Time Out Magazine have to say about Laudi Calixtos’s and Rita Oliveira’s theatrical debut:


Laudi NYT review
Laudi, Brazilian Opera star gets reviewed in the NY Times




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IBOC – Now an Official 501c3 non-profit

It’s official! The International Brazilian Opera Company is a Federally recognized 501c3 non-profit.  This means all donations (monetary or physical) to the organization are tax- deductible.

We are feeling much gratitude for all of those who have supported us thus far and welcome opportunities for fundraising and collaboration in our mission to advance the operatic genre.


Flores de Plástico – Premiere in Rio de Janeiro

“Flores de Plástico” is the portuguese version of “Plastic Flowers”, an opera by Joao MacDowell.  This new production has mezzo soprano Clarice Prietto in the character of Penelope and presents for the first time the portuguese version of the libretto. As well as a new Intermezzo and Prelude written specially for the occasion.

The opera will premiere in the community theater of the favela Vidigal, which belongs to the theater group “Nós do Morro.” For the purpose of the performance a baby grand piano will be carried down a steep stairway from street level into the theater. Sponsored by Casa Pierre Pianos

The scenery will feature a sculpture made of recycled plastic bottles by Marina Vergara, an artist associated with the Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro. Marina brings to the opera the experience and knowledge of Rio de Janeiro Carnival parades.

The production brings together a remarkable team of collaborators including director Bayard Tonelli, from the legendary theater dance group Dzi Croquettes, production and stage project by Sheyla de Castilho, videoscenography by Cila MacDowell, visuas by Cynthia Tello. Musicians: Maria Luisa Lindberg on piano and Leo Brunno on live electronics.

Flores de Plastico - Clarice


For directions and more information on the event click here.

For Portuguese text about the opera, plese click here.



“Cries And Whispers” on Swedish Radio

First news about “Cries and Whispers” (Viskningar och Rop) on Swedish Radio Culture News: Kulturnytt

This work by iBoc resident composer João MacDowell was premiered in a concert preview on our New York concerts on March 2014.


Read the interview: Kulturnytt.



Featuring Maestro Néviton Barros, singers Shana GrossmanAlexandra Filipe and Brooke Larimer. Instrumentalists: YinJia LinUka Gameiro,Rachel ScarpatiJulia Kost and Luigi Porto.