Cecilia Spell

Plasma Resonance

Intermedia Opera by Cila MacDowell

Music by João MacDowell





PLASMA RESONANCE_CECÍLIA SPELL is a proposal of immersive laboratory ritual in videoperformance, in person and in telepresence. The investigation of resonance fields, such as that of the investigated plasma element in electromagnetic frequencies, leads to the hypothesis that this co-reflex element of aesthetic information can facilitate a telepathic communication environment. The self-fictional narrative is constructed sequenced during the experimentation of devices such as the Tesla coil, sound apparatus and video projection. It is understood that the aesthetic operation of such devices, brings new models of observation to field phenomena, as potential enhancers for message transmission also at subtle levels. The performance proposition is systematized as a type of catalyst for access to entities, such as the otherness of oneself to be achieved; in the search for Cecilia Spell. The direction of art is of Cila MacDowell and the musical direction is of João MacDowell, with the participation of the artists José Flores and Guto Valentin.



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