New Music Program


The International Brazilian Opera Company has the mission of

creating new repertoire while providing an educational structure for new talent to emerge.

The New Music Program for Composers

is the centerpiece of our long-term strategy

for a culturally relevant legacy.



IBOC Composers :

João MacDowell

Iboc Artistic Director



Luigi Porto

Iboc Founder



Cândida Borges





José Alberto Sanchez Ortiz



 Syrlane Moura de Albuquerque




Angelica George



Thiago Tiberio


Bill Heigen

















Four stage strategy for the development of new repertoire:

1. Curate creative collaborations and creative feedback in the writing and development process of new repertoire.

2. Concert Performances of new works for revision and audio recordings.

3 . Staged production, including DVD recording.

4. Touring production



 Repertoire developed at IBOC:

João MacDowell:

• Tamanduá – opera in 3 acts (2h30min) – 5 soloists (SMTTB), Chorus (SSABT) – Full Orchestra and Chamber versions available

• Plastic Flowers (Flores de Penelope) –  opera in 2 acts (1h15min) – 1 Soloist (Mezzo) – Full Orchestra and Chamber versions available – Includes electronic soundscapes.

• Cries and Whispers – opera in 2 acts (1h10min) –  3 soloists (SSM) – Chamber version only.

• The Twitter Trilogy – 3 short operas (1min30sec) –  4 Soloists, Chorus (SATB) – Full Orchestra and electronic version available.

• The Seventh Seal – opera in 2 acts (2h30min) – 7 soloists (SSSMTTB) plus Chorus (SATB) – Full Orchestra and Chamber versions available. – WORK IN PROGRESS – Stage 2.


Luigi Porto

• Anita! – – WORK IN PROGRESS – Stage 2.

Thiago Tiberio

• Watuna – – WORK IN PROGRESS – Stage 2.

Bill Heigen

• Nights Cariocas – for a capella Chorus (SATB) – 3 movements – 7 min.


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