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NY Times, Graphis and Brasilia! Celebrating IBOC Visual Arts.

Bengt Gomér,

just received a rave review in

The New York Times

for directing Bluebeard and Erwartung

with the New York Philharmonic,

by “the fearful” Anthony Tommasini:

“Every aspect of the program was impressive”

Bengt Gomér has been a long time IBOC collaborator

and the dramaturge for The Seventh Seal,

an opera by João MacDowell, with text by Ingmar Bergman.

 Athena Azevedo,

IBOC Executive and Visual Director,

 has won numerous awards for her photography work with IBOC.

Notably, her platinum award posters for The Seventh Seal opera.

She is now recognized as one of the greatest photographers in the world

by Graphis International, with a Master portfolio.

Congratulations to Athena

and the entire team at IF Studio NY!

Cila MacDowell,

a pioneer and innovator in technology for performance,

one of the founders of IBOC,

responsible for the video-scenography of the operas

Tamanduá, Plastic Flowers and Cecília Spell,

is currently presenting her groundbreaking work in the capital of Brazil.