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An Unforgettable Night of Music with Davinia and the IBOCA Band at The Baretto Jazz Club

New York, NY – Immerse yourself in an evening of enchanting melodies as Davinia and the IBOCA Band grace the stage this Friday at The Baretto Jazz Club at the luxurious Fasano Hotel. From 8:30 pm to 12:15 AM, attendees will be treated to a musical journey led by the talented ensemble from the International Brazilian Opera Company’s Artist Development Program.

The Ensemble:

  • Davinia, a radiant vocalist known for her captivating performances, headlines the night alongside the IBOC Band.

  • Hugo Sanbone, the musical director, infuses the air with his virtuosic trombone play.

  • Leo Lucini, on bass, and Lucas Cipriano, commanding the piano, create a harmonious backdrop.

  • Thiago Ribeiro completes the ensemble with his dynamic drum rhythms.

Musical Journey:

The night’s repertoire showcases a unique blend of pop themes with contemporary and traditional Brazilian rhythms. The selection will highlight Davinia’s versatile vocal prowess, ranging from soulful ballads to upbeat bossas, offering something for every music lover.

Davinia has been recognized for her musical talent, reaching the Malta Eurovision Song Contest finals with her song ‘Brand New Day.’ Inspired by her ordeals, she will present new songs reflecting her experiences.

Music Director Hugo Sanbone

Hugo Sanbone is a multi-talented conductor, composer, and multi-instrumentalist celebrated for his innovative approach to music. Originating from Sergipe, Brazil, he developed his career in the ebullient scene of Salvador da Bahia. Sanbone has become a pivotal figure in blending the intricate rhythms of Afro-Brazilian music with jazz’s individualistic expressions.

Sanbone is the creative force behind the Sanbone Pagode Orquestra, founded in 2009. This ensemble is known for its groundbreaking work, merging classical music elements with the vibrant percussion of Bahia, leading to a new and compelling musical genre. This innovative approach has earned him a respected place in the music scene and led to significant academic contributions. As a Brazilian Music and Culture professor at the University of Bahia, Sanbone extends his influence to the next generation of musicians, further cementing his legacy.

Hugo Sanbone is working on an exciting project with the International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC).  Under the artistic direction of IBOC’s resident composer João MacDowell, Sanbone is at the helm of the Yemanja Project, crafting an opera that pays homage to Yemanja, the Yoruba goddess of the seas. This ambitious project aims to celebrate the rich musical heritage of the African diaspora, infusing the opera with a range of influences from across the African continent. It’s a testament to Sanbone’s ability to bridge cultural gaps and create music that resonates with a global audience.

Why This Show is a Must-See:

This performance stands out as a testament to the fusion of cultures, genres, and talents. The IBOC Band members bring their rich backgrounds and notable achievements to the stage, ensuring a night of high-caliber music. The band’s cohesion and Davinia’s emotive singing promise an unparalleled live music experience.

For Whom:

The show is perfect for aficionados of opera, jazz, and Brazilian music and anyone looking to indulge in a night of sophisticated entertainment while in New York City. With its eclectic mix, the performance is sure to appeal to a diverse audience, from casual listeners to seasoned music critics.

Make It Happen:

No tickets are required for this exclusive event. Secure your spot by reserving through Resy: Reserve Now.

Venue: The Baretto Jazz Club at The Fasano, 60 E 49th Street, New York, NY.

Date & Time: Friday, from 8:30 PM to 12:15 AM.

Stay updated and follow @davinia_official and @ibrazilianopera on Instagram for the latest news on the show and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

About The International Brazilian Opera Company:

The International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC) is renowned for its dedication to fostering talent and promoting a fusion of opera with Brazilian cultural elements. Through its Artist Development Program, IBOC nurtures emerging artists, offering them platforms to showcase their artistry to the world.

Join us for a night where music transcends boundaries and the soul of Brazil meets the heart of New York City. Let the rhythms enchant you, the melodies move you, and the performances leave you awe-inspired.

Bookings and Contact:

For more information, please visit The Baretto Jazz Club at The Fasano or follow our social media channels.