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Yves Goulart premieres his documentary about Brazilian tenor Aldo Baldin in NY

Premiere Announcement: “Aldo Baldin – A Life for Music”

This Sunday, April 14th, New York City welcomes the premiere of the documentary “Aldo Baldin – A Life for Music.” Directed by Yves Goulart, this film explores the life and legacy of the acclaimed tenor Aldo Baldin, from his roots in the quaint town of Urussanga, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to his rise as an international classical music icon.

Yves Goulart’s journey to creating this documentary began unexpectedly in mid-2009 in Manhattan. The discovery of Aldo Baldin through a serendipitous encounter with the LP ‘Serenatas, Bachianas & Canções’ by Heitor Villa-Lobos, featuring Baldin and showcasing Urussanga’s main church on its cover, sparked Goulart’s curiosity. “How is it that the church from my hometown graces the cover of this album? Who is Aldo Baldin?” he wondered. This question led Goulart on a quest to uncover the story of a fellow Urussanga native who had quietly become a revered figure in the classical music world.

The documentary, debuting 30 years after Baldin’s untimely death at 49, draws on intimate stories from musicians, friends, and family. It paints a portrait of Baldin not just as a performer whose voice captured the hearts of audiences worldwide but as a passionate professor and mentor. Irene Flesch Baldin, Aldo’s widow, joins Goulart at the premiere, bridging the past and present in a poignant tribute.

“Aldo Baldin – A Life for Music” is an ode to a remarkable talent whose legacy continues to inspire. The film promises to bring Aldo Baldin’s contributions to classical music to a broader audience, showcasing his collaborations with luminaries such as Sir Neville Marriner, who praised Baldin’s “rare voice” and “impeccable” sound quality.

Aldo Baldin. Photographer: unknown.

Film Details:

  • Title: Aldo Baldin – A Life for Music
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Format: Color – HD/2024 – 114 minutes – Brazil
  • Synopsis: Journey through the life of Aldo Baldin, a Brazilian tenor whose voice and artistry left an indelible mark on classical music. Baldin’s story is a testament to talent, perseverance, and the universal language of music, from his beginnings in a small Brazilian town to performing on the grand stages of Europe. Through interviews with those who knew him best, the documentary sheds light on Baldin’s role as both a celebrated performer and a devoted educator, making “Aldo Baldin – A Life for Music” a must-see for music lovers and documentary enthusiasts.

The film’s premiere marks the beginning of its journey to festivals, with a wider release in cinemas slated for January 2025. Join us in celebrating the artistry and legacy of Aldo Baldin, a true classical music maestro.

“Baldin had a rare voice. The quality of his sound was impeccable.”

(Sir Neville Marriner, Conductor)

Trailer: Aldo Baldin – A Life for Music

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