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IBOC – Casa Nobre: Composers March 2023

The 2023 Composition Workshop by João MacDowell at the Instituto Casa Nobre in Guarda do Embaú, Santa Catarina, has produced some incredible works from participating composers. The International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC), in collaboration with Sétimo Selo Produções, is proud to present these works to the public.

Pianist Sam Machado did an incredible job bringing these works to life. And we also need to thank Luiz Felipe Nobre: ICN Artistic Diretor, and Gustavo Kraemer: ICN Educational Diretor, without whom this program would not have been possible.

• Jorge Vieira’s “Natália (Estudo a Duas Vozes)” is a stunning piece for two voices in a classic style that reminds us of Haydn and Mozart.

• Dan Librelato’s “Calmaria” is a peaceful composition that creates a sense of calm and tranquility.

• Natalia Varaschin’s “Saudade” is a hauntingly beautiful work that captures a deep feeling of longing or nostalgia.

• Johanna Hischler’s “Suite – 2º Movimento” is a lively composition showcasing the beauty of contemporary harmonization.

• Gustavo Kramer’s “Preludio – Chung Fu (Verdade Interior)” is a dynamic piece that showcases the composer’s talent for blending traditional elements with contemporary compositional techniques.

This Composition Workshop is an opportunity to experience the talent and creativity of these composers firsthand. The International Brazilian Opera Company is proud to support the work of BIPOC composers from cultures that are underrepresented in the classical repertoire. IBOC and ICN look forward to sharing their music with audiences around the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of the 2023 Composition Workshop by João MacDowell.


Works from composers who participated in the
2023 Composition Workshop by João MacDowell.
Imersão em Composição

Pianist: Sam Machado

Piano tuner: Theo Cassoli

Jorge Vieira: Natália (Estudo a Duas Vozes)
Dan Librelato: Calmaria
Natalia Varaschin: Saudade
Johanna Hischler: Suite – 2º Movimento
Gustavo Kramer: Preludio – Chung Fu (Verdade Interior)

Instituto Casa Nobre – ICN
Luiz Felipe Nobre: Diretor Artístico
Gustavo Kraemer: Diretor Pedagógico

International Brazilian Opera – BOC
Sétimo Selo Produções

March 2023
Guarda do Embaú – Santa Catarina