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Joao MacDowell’s Flores de Plástico featured in O Globo (Brazilian Press)

“Flores de Plástico” is the Portuguese version of “Plastic Flowers” a 2 act opera composed by Joao MacDowell (IBOC’s Artistic Director).

The opera premiered in concert format in New York in 2012, featuring Abby Powell in the lead role of Penelope. This new version had a preview at the Vidigal Favela in Rio de Janeiro September, 2014. This was MacDowell’s second opera, after “Tamanduá.”

Keeping things in perspective: for Brazil “O Globo” is the equivalent to “The New York Times” and “USA Today,” combined. Congratulations to the IBOC team in Rio de Janeiro for doing such a wonderful job!

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Joao MacDowell in O Globo



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