Brazilian Opera


Athur Kampela is an important voice in the world of Brazilian music today. One that surprises and challenges listeners into new realms of sonic expression.  Kampela has won some of the most prestigious international prizes for contemporary composition, including the Guggenheim fellowship and Berlin Festspiele. His revolutionary piece “Uma Faca Só Lâmina” (‘A Knife All Blade’) has received critical acclaim after performances and recording by Momenta String Quartet. The NY TIMES as well as European newspapers recognize Kampela as as one of the most representative voices of his generation.1537783_671737026202368_2057198295_o

This week we have a rare opportunity to hear Kampela play a program of his own music including his experimentations with contemporary Bossa and some more adventurous pieces. Not to be missed.

KAMPELA AND BAND AT SPECTRUM SATURDAY NOVEMBER 29 (AFTER THANKSGIVING) @ 9:30 PM. (121 Ludlow street, East Village, 2nd floor)
TUNE IN FOR A PREVIEW OF THE SHOW at RADIO WKCR on WEDNESDAY NOV. 26th from 10PM till 1 AM. — A “KAMPSGIVING” PARADE OF MY MUSIC and a free ride to a good (in)digestion… It will remain in your guts after hearing some of my band’s musicians playing live all my “stuffings…”


Arthur Kampela
Arthur Kampela