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Laudi gets great reviews for theater performances

Laudicéia Calixto (aka: Laudi) has been a chorus member and a close collaborator of composer João MacDowell since 2008, date of the first concerts featuring selections from Tamanduá – a Brazilian Opera, in New York. The theater play “The Maids’ The Maids” features an iconoclastic reinterpretation of Jean Genet’s “The Maids” through the real life experience of Laudicéia and Rita Oliveira as professional housekeepers.

Besides singing and acting, Laudi is also a talented pianist and a musician who has contributed with precious feedback to the work of João MacDowell. One of the highlights of the play is a moment when she sings at full voice, an emotional a capella interpretation of the Brazilian soap-opera theme “Empreguetes.”

Check what the New York Times and Time Out Magazine have to say about Laudi Calixtos’s and Rita Oliveira’s theatrical debut:


Laudi NYT review
Laudi, Brazilian Opera star gets reviewed in the NY Times




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