Opera Composition Workshop – Fall 2021

Opera Composition Workshop – Fall 2021

IBOC Institute presents three operatic works developed under the guidance of Artistic Director João MacDowell and Vocal Director Roberta Prada, by the composers:

Nathaniel Corthell (USA), SiHyum Uhm (South Korea), and Tyler Zwink (USA).

Nathaniel Corthell.

from the opera
Today’s Tomorrow
(work in progress)

Baritone: Muir Ingliss
Piano: Tomomi Sato

SiHyum Uhm

Pouring Rain

from the opera
(work in progress)

Tyler Zwink
Fearless of the Night

adapted from
The Old Astronomer to his Pupil
A poem by Sarah Williams

Mezzo-soprano: Ema Mitrovic
Piano: Tomomi Sato

Artistic Director: João MacDowell
Vocal Director: Roberta Prada
Video Director: Athena Azevedo
Community Development: Christina Morgan
Board President: Jonathan Arak


Works from The Summer 2021 course:


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