Brazilian Opera

A Brazilian Opera At Bergman Week 2015

Cries and Whispers, a new opera by Joao MacDowell, will be performed during Bergman Week in June of 2015. In the Island of Fårö, Sweden, the place where director Ingmar Bergman chose to  live and work.

The  score was commissioned and  curated by the International Brazilian Opera Company, and has successfully fulfilled stages 1 and 2 of our production plan for development of new repertoire, going from concept to full score in a period of two years.

IBOC’s four stage development plan for new opera:

1. Curate creative collaborations and provide feedback in the writing and development process.

2. Concert Performances of new works for revision and audio recordings.

3 . Staged production, including DVD recording.

4. Touring production

IBOC is currently focused on developing new works through stages 1 and 2 of development.

We are very thankful for the Ingmar Bergman Foundation, Bergman CenterBergman Estate and the American-Scandinavian Foundation who have all given fundamental support to the project, for it to reach this point of accomplishment. As well as all sponsors and donors who have contributed over the last two years.

An excerpt of the music will be presented during the opening ceremony of Bergman Week and a full concert is programmed for June 26th.

Please check details about the full program of Bergman week. This is an important event in the Swedish cultural calendar and an opportunity to visit an island that has inspired many works of art:

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