Brazilian Opera

Open Call for Submissions

We are currently reviewing proposals for the development of new operas.

This is an open call, with no deadline.  Submissions will be reviewed by Selection Committee in the order that they are received.

The International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC) is a New York based non-profit organization with a mission to support the creation and development of new operatic repertoire that combines ideas from both Brazilian and international artists, while providing an educational structure for new talent to emerge.

Selection Committee will be giving priority to new opera productions on Stages One and Two of development:

Four stage development plan for new productions:

1. Curate creative collaborations and creative feedback in the writing and development process of new repertoire.

2. Concert Performances of new works for revision and audio recordings.

3 . Staged production, including DVD recording.

4. Touring production


Please send pdf proposal to the email:


Guideline – Please include:

1. Composer and Librettist bios. Include links to previous works

2. Outline of plot and Theme

3. Short essay on relevance of chosen theme.

4. Report on present stage in the creative process. (sample of work, if available)

5. Technical requirements (number of singers and minimal instrumentation necessary for Concert Performance)

6. Draft budget for Concert Performance