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João MacDowell: a new thinker in the genre.

The Seventh Seal

Det sjunde inseglet

opera by João MacDowell text by Ingmar Bergman
Vocal Score Concert premiere – Stockholm August/September 2018

Hosted By the Bergman Festival 2018
Dramaten & Moderna museet


International press coverage:

 “A new thinker in the genre.”
(en nytänkare inom genren)

Johanna Paulsson – Dagens Nyheter
Stockholm, August 30th 2018.



The New York Times

by Elisabeth Vincentelli

“The Brazilian composer João MacDowell was more direct in his admiration for “The Seventh Seal,” adapting it into an opera that had its premiere at the festival in a concert version.”
“The screen-to-stage phenomenon was represented at the Dramaten festival with Mr. MacDowell’s “The Seventh Seal”

Sunday September 9th 2018

Within larger article about the Bergman festival, journalist Elizabeth Vincentelli makes
two mentions of the new opera by João MacDowell.

The Stockholm concert premiere of the vocal score of The Seventh Seal opera by João MacDowell and Ingmar Bergman was presented as part of the Bergman Festival 2018, an IBOC production presented by Dramaten & Moderna museet, in tribute to the Centennial of the Swedish author and director.

In the online version of The New York Times you can also find a link to
a youtube video from the NY concert performance of the piece.

The New York Times, Sunday. September 9th 2018.

G1 –

The most important Brazilian news outlet comments on the historical importance of a Latin American composer premiering an opera based out of the most iconic text by Ingmar Bergman.

The Seventh Seal, an opera by Brazilian composer João MacDowell is a product of cross-cultural collaboration, sung in Swedish.
It had its vocal score premiere in the Stockholm’s Modern Art Museum (Moderna museet) as part of the Bergman Festival 2018, in celebration of the centennial of the author and director, with a full Swedish cast and conducted by the composer.


G1 – Brasileiro transforma O Sétimo Selo de Ingmar Bergman em ópera.


RFI – Radio France International

Also comments on the historical aspect of this adaptation.


RFI – Radio France International


Local Swedish Newspapers such as Dagens Nyheter:

 “A new thinker in the genre.”

(en nytänkare inom genren)

Johanna Paulsson – Dagens Nyheter

Stockholm, August 30th 2018.

photo by Athena Azevedo


Svenska Dagbladet: